I’m a 57 year old truck driver that has been “working out” off and on for the last 15 years or so. I would get to a certain point and always stop for some reason, maybe because I didn’t have a goal, IDK. I found your site through YouTube videos and after starting StrongLifts 5x5, of which I am currently on my 6th week. Even though I am somewhat experienced with weights, I have never strength trained, per se, so I used the app and started very very light concentrating on form and technique which is where I discovered coach Rippetoe’s instructional videos. I have always done lots of pushups and body weight and dumbbell supersets but have never squatted. I have short legs with long femur and short tibia and could just never seem to be able to do the same movement the same way twice. That is until I found your videos. I will be buying your Starting Strength book and downloading your app. Thanks for all you do and for Rip’s no nonsense and sometimes hilarious insights.