I just wanted to say thanks to Rip for compiling all of this knowledge into an easy to understand and apply program.

I am only two weeks into following Starting Strength but already the results are clear and indisputable.

I'm a 41 M, 6'4" and currently weighing in at 309. I've lifted off and on in the past but never consistently and never on any real program. I'm currently just doing Starting Strength with some lap swimming in between the days of lifting. I know I run the danger of impeding my recovery but I really enjoy the swimming and if I start missing lifts, I'll know why and modify accordingly.

I've learned to adapt and roll with pain in my lower back and left knee for the past year or so. I wanted to get below three hundred before I started lifting as in my mind this would take some of the pressure off and make it safer for me when I did start lifting. However, after going over chapter after chapter and watching Mark's videos I decided to stop wasting time and bought some equipment to set up in my driveway (under the carport). After the second day of lifting I noticed my back pain started to lessen and the pain in my left knee went on vacation. After two complete weeks I don't have back pain at all and the knee pain hasn't bothered to come back either. It's really nice to roll over in bed without having to pre-plan it out to complete the process in a way that doesn't cause me pain. Getting up and down now also are things I just do instead of plan in advance. In hindsight, it makes perfect sense. You don't make muscles stronger by avoiding using them.

Since buying the book (which I heard about on 4chan of all places) I decided to toss out everything I think I know about lifting and just trust the source. I'm committed to following through with this program (a first) and also just wanted to say that since I corrected my protein intake I feel about 100 times better just in general. The Rip protein shake recipe with diet A&W is pretty awesome.