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    Marie Kunkel (SSC) and Graham Schaller (SSOC Intern) did superb work at the recent Clarke County Sheriff’s Office hosted Strength Training for Law Enforcement. The day included presentations, platform demonstrations, and hours of coaching.

    Trainees from multiple jurisdictions included a Police Chief and one of his command staff, LE instructors, and current and former Tact Team members. It was very satisfying to see how talented Marie and Graham have become, and a pleasure watching them coach.

    Several visitors who stopped by to observe included sponsors for this, as well as previous, strength focused events. Marie and Graham got to visit briefly with a couple old friends and hopefully meet some new ones.

    One of the observers summed up Marie and Graham’s performance quite well, “They were very confident and knowledgeable in a room full of tough guys.” This is very high praise, and I am working on the logistics for the next event.

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    It was an honor coaching everyone! It's always a pleasure, especially when everyone is so eager to learn and receptive to new ideas. Thank you for organizing and hosting!


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