Coach - new to SS, but 20 years of assorted weight training. Been doing CrossFit for 4 years and at age 37 (5’10 195) it’s just not fun anymore with the constant pain.

Moved to SS after reading your book. Apperciate your instruction and focus on longer term sustainable strength.

This is for the CF Masters constantly battling pain:

Specifically moving squats to low-bar has completely changed my patellar tendinitis situation. Squatting 2-3 days a week now feels great. Also enacted your chin up Protocol for my golfers elbow and it’s nearly unnoticed now.

Moving to low bar is what I needed. I couldn’t physically handle training off a 360 squat max due to quad dominant high bar positioning. Got 305x3 without any risidual knee pain this week. Gotta get my squat up, because it is definitely the lift most out of balance (465 DL / 320 BP / 200 press)

Again thanks and happy New Years.