Wasn't sure where to stick this little story, so I thought I would put it here in testimonials, as it is one of sorts. I work on lovely Fort Leonard Wood Mo. for the US Army as a retired Soldier, now DA Civilian. I am on a "Temp" position, meaning that my government Smart Card gets turned off as the term ends, and has to have a bunch of paperwork issued before the ID card section will cut new ones. Usually, the place is pretty hectic, and most of the time, us poor "temp" schmoes have to get up at the crack of dawn and get there by 0530 in an attempt to beat the line and make it back to the office for the regular duty day. It was the 3rd of January, and Holiday Block Leave (Christmas Vacation for the Soldiers) was ending, when I decided to pop down with my forms and see if I could sneak in and get this done without too much hassle. I took with my one of my new Christmas presents, Starting Strength,Basic Barbell Training Third Edition to read while I waited. The man at the counter saw my book, tapped on the cover at Rips name and said "Great man"! He gushed over the book, and over Coach Rip while setting me up to see an ID Clerk, and instead of waiting several hours, I was in rather quickly. All the while in the waiting room, this guy was extolling on Coach Rips genius and the program. Both of us agree, it is a pretty solid way to gain strenght, and now apparantly, a great way to get a new ID card! So thanks Coach Rippetoe for helping in more ways than just strength training!