My wife and I are 60 and 61, respectively. I have “exercised” with free weights for many years. I only recently discovered Starting Strength and it grieves me to think about all the time I wasted (using NSCA books, P90X, etc.) achieving very little in the way of progress even though I was VERY consistent with my workouts. I started doing the Starting Strength program at the beginning of the year and my wife started shortly thereafter. I read the books, watched the videos, and thought I was on track. Then I realized that I needed a Starting Strength coach to confirm that I was using the correct technique. I found Mia Inman, SSC at Embody Change in Yellow Springs, Ohio. After beginning training with Mia, I discovered two very important things. First, she is an excellent coach and her approach to coaching is specifically tailored to the trainee. Her approach with my wife is different from her approach with me and it needs to be. Second, a lot of what I thought I was doing correctly was being done incorrectly, setting me up for failure and/or injury as the weight went up. Yes, I videotaped myself but I was not accurately assessing my technique. I have made more progress in the last two months than I made in the previous two decades…no, really. A great deal of experience doing things incorrectly has very little value. My advice: If you live within an hour or two of Yellow Springs and want to do the Starting Strength Program, get coaching from Mia Inman, SCC at Embody Change.