You sure you're clean? You sure you're clean?

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Thread: You sure you're clean?

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    Default You sure you're clean?

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    A year into Starting Strength/Practical Programming training protocols, I've gotten my first low-key accusation of steroid use.

    I remember reading/hearing somewhere on this site, back when I was starting, that if I followed The Program I'd eventually get accused of juicing. The day came today when I posted my 470x2x2 deadlift video on Facebook.

    Didn't have the heart to tell the guy I don't even place in my weight class.

    Thanks all; you're doing the Lord's work.

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    That's how you know you've made it, isn't it? Though some people are so dumb I even once was accused of steroid use when I wasn't even lifting at all at the time.


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