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    Background and current numbers:
    6’1”, male, 38, 320 (down from 430)
    Squat: 270, Press: 135, Bench: 225, Deadlift: 385 [Havent started PowerCleans or Chins]

    So Monday when I was lifting my last rep at 375 I felt a pain in my back (I finished the lift cause “mama didn’t raise not punk”) that was pretty uncomfortable and a little disconcerting. I went home and started searching the library of video lectures at and found a video about “tweaks” and another about Valsalva. I concluded that I wasn’t injured and that occasionally a tweak will happen, specifically this one was the result of my laziness on the last rep. Today, Wednesday, I was back in the gym to train. I made my coffee the same as usual with the slight exception of adding some Bulleit bourbon, I say “some” because I didn’t measure but I’d guess 1.5 ounces. When it came time to deadlift again I was ready. I decided to take my normally programmed jump and just not be a punk. Sip of coffee, big belly breath, and drive the earth away. Guess what happened, I pulled all five reps and my back felt just fine. I can’t say whether the bourbon contributed but I know for sure the breathing did.

    Thanks for the resources and the wealth of information online that I can use to better myself. I am working through the video lectures and I’m hooked. I just hit 2017 lectures and fully intend to spend my off day watching as much as I can.

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    Ha ha. This is fantastic Chris. 'Bourbon and coffee'....the 'unofficial' (only until Rip approves it of course) pre-workout of Starting Strength!


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