My experience thus far in Houston's first SS Gym has been exceptional. Josh, Shelley, and Chase are the most knowledgeable coaches and know when to push you hard and know when to back off. I am a 50 year old woman who has not lifted weights since college, but instead filled my days with exhausting functional training which not only wore me out but had me quitting within 3 months. I tried it all, and I never got stronger, just lost weight, as I was wont to do, then gained it all back because I would quit impossible regimens and people hollering in your ear. On my way to work one morning in August, I saw the Starting Strength sign go up, and immediately contacted J.D. I showed up that afternoon to sign up. I didn't even let the sticker shock of cost deter my enthusiasm, because I knew that being trained in a SS Gym was paramount in getting stronger, as SS reputation had preceded itself via a blog by Instapundit and Glenn Reynolds, who extolled the SS Modus Operendi of getting strong, a couple years ago, to his readers.

Fast forward 2.5 months since mid August 2019 with my first session with Shelley using just the "baby" bar for weight and my results are amazing, even after having hurt my IT Band about 3 weeks ago:

I met my goal of squatting 100 pounds and have squatted 120 by mistake in my barbell math.
I met my goal of overhead press of 60 pounds and now am up to 72.
By the end of November I want to bench press 100 pounds and next workout I will be up to 95.
Me and deadlifts HATE each other because I pulled my back out through bad form at 120 pounds, so I have been doing RDLs and Rack Pulls to get my form right and strengthen my hammys and back so I can get back to my nemesis pull.

I have lost 13.5 pounds, 2 inches off my chest, 3 inches off my waist, and 2.5" of my hips.
I am sore a lot, but it goes away after taking my turmeric and vitamin D3.

Bottom Line: I am addicted to Starting Strength and the results are amazing.