I'll keep this short because I don't want to get carried away.

I'm celebrating a year of sobriety today, and I credit strength training and proper nutrition as big components of my success. Beyond being stronger and healthier (both physically and mentally) I've found the program to be its own source of accountability. Especially now that I've moved into an intermediate 4-day split. There are always days where I might want to blow off training-- tired, sore, or just not feeling it-- but knowing that missing a workout doesn't just affect *that* workout, but the next one too, is huge. That kind of personal accountability has carried over to the rest of my life too. Rip's not lying when he says that strength makes you "more useful in general."

So thank you, Mark, for the program, and the hard-assed but invaluable advice you give here that complements it. Thank you, Robert Santana, for the nutrition advice, and thank you Nick D and Nick D for the programming advice (as well as all the other coaches and members I've interacted with). I'm not exaggerating when I say the experience has been life-changing.