I don't have a great deal of disposable income. But I stuck an envelope in front of my computer keyboard for 10 weeks or so, slipping 5$ and 10$ bills into it as I found I had extra in my wallet. Then Gramma came through with a birthday card, and good old Ma, too. Drank Torpedo instead of Scorpion beer for a few weeks, and slipped the 1$ I'd save each time in the envelope too. Finally, hit the number I needed to buy the SS bar.

WHY? Because I'd failed sets of 5 on DL at 450 and 455, not for strength, but for grip, using the crappy bars my gym had available: 19" blank gap instead of regulation 17", knurl that you could use for a playground slide, and a friction-point for spin that would make them good axles for a lightweight clown car.

Since I got the bar three weeks ago, I've hit 450x5 and 455x5 (an hour ago, video at Geoffrey Bischoff on Instagram: “455 for the nickel. 5PR. Big things coming in 2020 methinks. SDG! #22000lbs4johnson #22miles4johnson #teamssoc #texasmethod”) easily, and the bar felt practically welded to my hands.

Same session, made a sets-across PR on presses, and the higher spin friction point made the entire movement much less wobbly even though I was fatigued from deads.

My wife ran up singles to a lifetime 170 squat PR and 103 bench PR, with help from the back-weld of the sweet center knurl and the spin-stability on bench.

Plan to take it for a ID PR for 5 on squats and bench on Friday this week. I'm stoked and confident, knowing the bar welds to my back for squats, and doesn't wobble for benches.

I'd buy it again.