Been a while since I've been here. Currently deployed to Poland, got here by way of Germany in March, just as the COVID-19 nonsense kicked off. The gym here was closed for 1/2 a day while I was in quarantine (had to Q when we arrived from Germany at the beginning of April), at which point the collective WTF!?! had them figuring out how to keep the otherwise confined to post Soldiers from revolting. Many bottles of bleach-water and wipe-rags later, we're still lifting. I managed to pop something at the anterior rib/costal cartilage joint of the last non-floater on my left side, for which the doc put me on a "breathe-at-own-pace-and-distance" profile for 3 weeks. It hurt to breathe, and sneezes were frightening for about a week. I had planned to add as much to my total as I could while here, and while the 3-week layoff set me back a bit, I've stayed after it.

Ran a 1000-lb Club event today, which waylaid by some 'viral pushup challenge' that most everybody else got pulled away for. I have a couple of other guys who have indicated interest, and we'll get them on video getting after it in the coming days/weeks. Interesting wrinkle with programming: All the weights here are in KG, and the smallest increment I have been able to jump is therefore ~11lbs. Which is fine until you're trying to get OHP up. Adapted program I've been using: Lift the same weight until I can get all 3 sets of 5x reps across (especially for OHP), then jumping 5kg/11lbs and dropping back to muscle failure (usually 4/3/2, 5/4/3, 5/5/4, or some similar progression) until I can get that next weight for 3x5 and going up again. For Squat and DL, I've been able to manage full 5-rep sets right at the jump, then do a 2nd day at that weight without jumping, then going up. It meets the same 'LP' slope of ~5lbs/session on average. It's working, so I'm not going to try and fix it.

Managed 485KG / 1069.2lbs today, and got it on film. Squat was right at parallel (good rep, but barely), but was a bit more weight than I expected, which was nice. I might have had 175kg or maybe even 180kg in the tank. Between that and the 115kg bench, I knew I was going to pass 455kg / 1003lbs with my DL opener, so I was able to get after the 'stretch goal' of 200kg for my 3rd attempt at DL, which was kinda ugly, but came up. Not the 500lb DL I wanted to be at by the time I leave here, but after my busted rib, I'll take it.

Get some:
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