I have been like a recreational swimmer for 15 years. Decently good at it, but not taking part in meets or whatever. A year ago, I decide I need some muscle in order to swim better. Did some benching and dumbbells 20 years ago, so I knew a few things about anatomy, but very little. I pretty much just fooled around in the gym for 10 months. End of 2019, I had gravitated towards squats and deadlifts by intuition, but I decide to check things out on Youtube. For a month or so, I'm forcing myself to watch videos of shirtless dudes explaining the lifts, when Rip pops up in my feed. So I think, well this is different. I buy both the books, read them, start doing the program as written, though I did have to adjust weights downwards when I figured out I was not doing the lifts properly. I have also discontinued all other physical activities, including swimming.

It has been a month now, and like, are you guys serious? My fucking back has grown so much in a month, I no longer fit in most of my shirts. If this goes on for much longer, I will have to buy new pants, because my legs are getting bigger by the day. Meanwhile, I am only packing on the tiniest amount of body fat. And like, I was never a skinny dude. Let me get to the point, I do not trust you, I have a nagging feeling that you guys are part of some huge practical joke by the creators of the Matrix, and if the thing goes on at this rate, I promise I will find a way to fuck the program up by jogging, introducing a bunch of assistance exercises, taking up a fad diet or whatever.

But I will continue doing everything as written until then, because of the whole idea of keeping your enemies close.