Rip and team,
6’3”, 225, 35 years old. Asked for, and received, the Starting Strength book as a gift recently and thoroughly loving it. I only recently was tipped off onto this method, actually, by way of Michael Matthews. Many years ago I got his book and through interviews and podcasts you two did I starting delving in deeper. Now, I am a big fan of the SS method and I am even looking into becoming a certified coach (knowing it will be a multi-year endeavor to develop and learn).

My reason for the post is to share a recent experience that happened today in the gym.

I have watched a majority of the videos and follow the weekly podcasts, but I have just begun reading the book (which I do with a highlighter and notebook as recommended in the video for aspiring coaches). Well, last night I was reading about the hamstring stretch from the low bar squat position at the bottom of the movement and the difference vs. the high bar movement where the hamstring is slack and the knee extensors assume a lions share of the start of the movement, this causing the glutes to act alone for hip drive, weakening the movement and potentially causing knee pain... 2 things: 1) I may have fucked that simplified explanation up and 2) I have been fighting knee pain with my squat for years.

The long and short of it is; that as I did my squats today, after reading that, I was conscious of that “spring” effect at the bottom of the squat, and it was incredible feeling the hamstrings engage and the power I felt coming out of the hole. I squatted more weight, to a deeper depth, with ZERO KNEE PAIN and increased power. My lifts are improving progressively from workout to workout (imagine that &#128512, and I am so excited.

The point is this:
People can watch videos, for sure, and get some precursory information on form and SS programming... but until you invest in things like the book (and subsequently a coach and/or seminar) and engage in actually educating yourself on the science, geometry, biomechanics, physics, and reasoning behind the programming, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SELLING YOURSELF SHORT, and leaving progress and results on the table.

THANK YOU! I have a renewed passion for lifting and getting stronger.

You haven’t heard the last from me, and I WILL be a SS coach.

Greg Radcliffe
Meridian, ID