I have been an Athlete my entire life. I am (43) years old and continue to actively train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am able to keep my body resilient by using the Starting Strength Method. I have to admit, I tried to get around "The Program" for a number of years. I looked for "easier" ways to train in the gym. I kept coming back to starting strength because, well it works. It is fucking hard. Hard things require dedication, mental fortitude and discipline. Each of these things, I have reinforced through Starting Strength. Forget how he SSM has made me a physically stronger grappler; it has made me a mentally stronger grappler; a more confident grappler! I am in the process of study to achieve my SSC. Somewhere in this process, I have found great enjoyment in working with older "Athletes." I think the program will definitely help them perform better in the Sport of Living (Sullivan & Baker, 2016). Thank you Starting Strength.