I have been ‘working out’(cardio and bodybuilding) since highschool and i really enjoyed it but couldnt manage to do it consistently. I would get overwhelmed with thoughts like ‘what exercises should i be doing’ ‘what do i do when i cant progress’ ‘is this form correct’ just a lot of insecurity around the best way to do things that would stress me out until i would abandon the endeavor.

SS came in and Mark said “you should get stronger, heres how you do that”. This is the correct form. These are the exercises. You do 3x5 because thats whats efficient. You add weight every session. Clear, simple, and direct. And with the form checks forum on here i can get feedback on my lifts session by session for free and i know its quality feed back(thank you Pete and Ryan).

And the results speak for themselves. I just pulled 390lb from the ground with the best form ive ever done. Sets of press at 181lb. Sets of bench at 255lb. Squatting at 315lb. And it feels great.

So thank you to Mark and all the other people for the book, the videos, and the support. Youre doing good work.