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    I wanted to share my experience with starting up training again reopening of my gym and how much I'm enjoying the Texas Method at the age of 46!

    To set the scene, I started lifting about three years ago at the age of 43 (I'm now 46) when I realized I was in terrible shape and felt awful. I started out with 7-minutes of HIIT three times a week and then moved into some "body building" programs that I found on line with the intent to build up some muscle since I lost the weight I wanted to, but still was like, "there must be more I can do here". Fast forward 18 months when I had pretty much run that stuff out and decided it was time to find a trainer as my progression was stalling. I found a great strength coach who I worked with for a year. He cleaned up my lifts and got me on a pyramid model periodization scheme. I worked with him for about a year at which time he shut down his gym (personal reasons... life happens). He is the one who introduced me to Rip's work. So in short: I started out by doing everything wrong! Like so many things in life: "if I knew then what I know now...".

    So then COVID hits and I have no access to a rack. I also was sick for several weeks, probably had "it" back in March. Then I did what I could with dumbbells and a bench I was able to buy before the world stocked-out of equipment.

    My gym opened six weeks ago, and I decided that, to get back into the shape I was in, I would try the Texas Method. I figure it won't last long, but I'll do basic Texas and then "Run it out" and then get back to my periodization.

    It's been awesome! It is certainly stressful, but with somewhat older kids and some job flexibility I'm able to put in the time and focus needed for long lift sessions, recovery (i.e., sleeping!), and nutrition.

    I started at about 90% to my previous PR week one, 95% week two, and matched it week three. I've now hit three successive PRs each of the following weeks... maybe have 1-3 left. I'm so thrilled to get to run this method as I "missed out" when I had the chance earlier in my lifting "career".

    I made this post for two reasons, and would love thought or comments on this:
    1. Has anyone tried to use, or thought about/researched using, Texas Method to "get back into" lifting like this? If so, what has your experience been?
    2. I've seen plenty of posts (and have ordered Andy's book) about trying TM at 40+. Just one data point here from someone who is enjoying it and has had some success. I should add, from the standpoint of personality, I am an intense person who tends to work hard and work smart when I put my mind to doing something, so that certainly helps in this regard.

    Thanks for your time reading and for any thoughts you'd like to share.

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    After a layoff you are detrained and can once again make workout to workout progress. TM will work but it's slower than optimal.

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    After my LP and before life hit I was really enjoying Andy's 4 day TM. It was definitely working for me, but the time constraints with my current life situation just don't allow that kind of time commitment!

    Good luck!!

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    I find for me it's easier to do Texas method for bench than it is for deadlift.
    It works well if you can recover from it.
    I'm younger, and it's a great way to get back into things.


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