46 year old male. 190 lbs. 5'8”. I was a consistent crossfitter for 8 years—liked it because I could do any random weekend warrior sport and not be too overmatched. Since we moved in 2020 I wanted to try something new.

Before SS: 1 rep max
Bench: 185
Press: 135
Deadlift: 255
Squat: 245
Power Clean: 135
Pull ups - Max of 3
Total (B, Sq, DL): 685

Since COVID ruined gyms—I started in November and started light.
Bench: 65
Press: 45
Deadlift and Squat: 95
Power Clean: 65

6 months later (estimate 1 rm using 5 reps (3 reps PC) so they are ~)
BW went up to 206 then back down to 195.
Squat: 320
Deadlift: 315
Power Clean: 165
Press: 152
Bench: 215
Chins: Sets of 8!
Total (B, Sq, DL): 850

When I saw the example programming in the book (its not prescriptive I realize)...I thought there was no way I would ever get to 255x5x3...I had tried for years to get even 1 rep at 250 in xfit to no avail. THANK YOU Jon Sullivan, Andy Baker (Over 40 SS book), and coach Rip.

A few lessons learned:
1) Reread book again and again and use website as a backup.
2) I was stuck on 2 chins forever—website has great program to get you there. 3 weeks of that program and I was well over five.
3) When in doubt lower the weight add (from 10 to 5 to 2.5 to 1.25) EARLY...it will allow you to progress on NLP much longer. Book says this a lot...but EGO will get you everytime.
4! Get 3 inch belt from Rip—will save you on DLs. 4 inch got in the way and contributed to a long stall.
5) Buy 1.25 weights and .75 weights—fairly cheap and you can tote easy to gym.
6) All the things the book says about sleep, food, ego, rest. 10000% correct.
7) My cardio is a little bit “less” than before but I am so much stronger even cardio is easier at lower thresholds.

Finally after first week of Texas Method I can confirm it is HARD. Like out of breath, muscles straining hard. Deceptively simple on paper. Difficult in practice.

Thanks again to Coach Rip, Andy Baker, and Jon Sullivan. I am a crappy athlete and if I can make this progess anyone can!

Joe S