This is only my second post ever. (I hope this is the proper part of the forum for it.) English is my second language, I hope it doesn't show too much. Many years ago, I tried to do SSNLP several times and it went pretty well for a time - but life always got in the way of prolonged progress. I've never been too much into sports and would describe my present self more as a slob than anything (8 years since the previous encounter with a barbell). Strength training has been one of the few (physical) activities that has actually felt worthwhile to me, and that's why I wanted to make the investment in making it a permanent part of my life.

We recently moved into our first own house, and there was a suitable spare room in the old basement. I decided to build my own little lifting place there, to finally get rid of all the BS excuses at once. I started the work with some basic renovations, but kept them pretty light (basically reversible) at this point - a house built in the 50s has its quirks, and I didn't want to permanently mess with the foundation too much.

Even the little touch of two months of SSNLP back in the day has carried much of its basic utility with me, both physically and mentally. There was a lot of work in this renovation/build that I had never done before in my life, but somehow I just found myself doing it and learning in the process. I made a little video of the project (and my measly lifts in week 4) mainly to amuse my FB friends, but I thought maybe it wouldn't hurt to share it here too, if someone happens to be interested. So, here comes another home gym.

Building a home basement gym - YouTube (not digging for form checks here, I'm still neck deep in the process of getting my shit together anyway)

I'm a long-time lurker here, have the books and I've also been watching a lot of the video material, and I really appreciate your collective work. I'm just an average guy and always pretty much avoided all forms of exercise or sports, but strength training is really something else - it changes the whole existence of a human being (even a healthy one). I know there's nothing new here, this is just to say that I strongly believe you guys really do make a difference, perhaps more than you know. Still, as Rip has said many times, you're narrowcasting - but I think it's better to be narrowcasting with broad shoulders than vice versa. So, Thank You. Seriously.