I attended a SS seminar this weekend on Squat, Press and Deadlift taught by Carl Raghavan. My overall feeling was that the seminar overall was "money well spent". There were only 8 of us which allowed the coach to pay close attention to everyone's technique.

Carl is an amazing coach! He's funny, knowledgeable and he practices what he preaches. He immediately pointed out weak areas in my form in all lifts. I thought I was in pretty good shape for my weight (196lb) because I could squat and deadlift over 300lbs. My main goal was to figure out technique errors because I've been very prone to injuries as weights get heavier. Carl paid attention to the smallest detail in my form and gave me practical advice that allowed me to break 2 PRs in my squat (310lbx3x5) and deadlift (350lbsx1x5). My hope is to incorporate the new moving patterns in my training and stay injury-free for as long as possible.

For anyone's who's serious about gaining strength, I think it's a good investment to sign up for a seminar. The book can only teach you so much, and application of the book is very specific to every individual's anthropometry: for example, we had a participant with arthritis that required modifications in his squat technique.