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Thread: Goal of deadlifting 500 before I turn 40

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    Default Goal of deadlifting 500 before I turn 40

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    I just wanted to share my progress with you and your team.

    I first would like to start by pointing out that I am guilty of not doing the program.

    Not surprised are you? Please let me explain.

    I started training again back in September of 2022. I weighed in at 220 pounds (a little soggy) and I focused only on the following three lifts:

    Squat-315 3x5
    Press-110 3x5
    Deadlift-325 1x5

    My main goal was to deadlift 500 pounds before I turned 40.

    I train these three lifts every time I am back on shift at the firehouse. I work a 48-96 work schedule and I shoot for training the first day back on. This has me training once every five days.

    I also own and operate a farm full time on the side. I am married with two sons that take any of my extra time. My schedule stays full and honestly, this is all the time I wanted to dedicate to training.

    After six months here are my totals.

    I am currently 39 years old (09/1983), 5'8", and 230 pounds. My neck measures in at 17.75 inches and my waist is 39 inches.

    I recently had to throw out all of my large t-shirts and buy new XL ones. The shirts were extremely too tight in the back and shoulder areas. My waist hasn't changed.

    I recently was told that I looked like I had lost weight by a family member. They were shocked when I told them that I had actually put on weight.

    My current lifts are as follows:

    Squat-420 3x5
    Press-163 3x5
    Deadlift-465 1x5

    My lifts are better than when I was in high school!

    The other night I had to use a 2.5" fire hose (this one tends to push firefighters around and kick their butts) and it has never been so easy to handle.

    I can now pick up off the ground and load those 225 pound molasses tubs into the bed of my 3/4 ton truck.

    It feels good to be strong!

    Ryan Keller
    Cuero, Texas

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    update on my lifts

    Squat-3x5 at 445
    Press-3x5 at 165
    Deadift-1x5 at 480

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