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Thread: From thin to massive

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    Default From thin to massive

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    The time old story of going from someone skinny to someone massive.

    Some info about me:
    Height: 6'1
    Age: 24,
    Vertical: 30.5 inches (Measured before my NLP)

    My goal was to be strong. After getting my back injured rock climbing and told that I needed "gentle rest", after 3 months I had enough. I decided I'd load weight on the bar if it killed me. Within weeks, my back pain disappeared. As of today, I've been through exactly one year of coaching, and I couldn't be happier with the results of Starting Strength and SS coaching.

    It's been a monumental journey. I knew that I was very skinny (climbing is a very twink friendly sport) and when I was told I needed to be heavier, I did just that. As someone who's currently a student who takes lab courses all day, sometimes eating would be very difficult. But to this day I'm aiming to gain 1lb a week minimum, with an end-goal weight of 230. In my NLP, I was able to gain over 25lbs, and that's despite awful dieting. There were times when I was sick and felt like shit, times where I barely slept, times where I was scared. For each and every one of those times, I was able to set new PRs and learn important lessons along the way. Huge shoutout to coach Alex Ptacek who helped me on my journey. Now for the numbers:

    NLP Numbers
    BW: 160-185
    Squat: 215-325 for a top set of 5
    Bench: 165 - 210 for triples
    Overhead Press: 105 - 165 for singles
    Deadlift (most proud of): 265 - 400 for a top set of 4.

    Texas Method Numbers (currently on fourth month)
    BW: 185-198 (as of now)
    Squat: Top set of 5 at 360lbs and rising fast
    Bench: 242.5lbs for smooth triples
    Overhead Press: 190lbs for a single.
    Deadlift: (on hiatus until I complete rack pulls/haltings cycle)

    The Overhead press is by far my favorite lift. I'm so close to 200lbs at the moment. I do eventually plan to go back to rock-climbing, applying the many skills I've learned.

    1) Not everything needs to be perfect.
    Sometimes, your form's off. You slept like shit. Your best friend moved away. You just don't feel strong. But it was on those days that I managed to push myself harder, and learn what I was capable of.

    2) I learned how the body adapts. And more importantly, how MY body adapts.
    It was easy getting burned out on climbing because I had no idea how to program. I would constantly do high volume/low intensity work thinking it'd make me stronger somehow. When I return, I have an understanding of how my body responds. No longer will I be stuck in an endless circle of programming loops and periodization that isn't necessary.

    3) Overtraining isn't a thing (at least not for me or anyone I personally know).
    That's just it. Even after training harder than ever and skipping a few meals and feeling like shit, I bounced back after a weekend.

    To those considering Starting Strength or getting coached by a Starting Strength coach, I highly recommend it. It was worth developing these lifelong skills. Once again, a huge thank you to Coach Alex Ptacek!

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    What's your PC with that 30.5' vert? you'd be great at it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Town View Post
    What's your PC with that 30.5' vert? you'd be great at it
    I didn't focus on the power movements at all. I stopped cleaning as soon as I got to 125lbs (roughly 56.5 kg). I've considered training it, but only after I get my squat past 450 and dead past 500. Strength is my main focus.

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