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    I am a single father to a 19 year old. When he was about six months old his mother moved out with an older man. I was just a kid myself at the time. When I was 28 years old I took a long hard look in the mirror. I began to train daily at the mma gym. I got a purple belt in bjj. Pretty good for a white guy in Houston, it wasnt given out for free. I experienced multiple episodes of inury over the years from over training. Back to my son, due to the nature of his mother having custody and me being a weekend dad I was never able to gather enough traction to involve my son in anything physical. At 8 years old he developed high blood pressure which they medicated him for. I always felt if I could just get him lifting that it would have a lasting dilating effect on his vascular system. Several times I started trying to throw weights into my training in the hopes of being able to learn but I always wound up with tendonitis, because I would do weights every day. Then about a year ago, when my son was 18 he moved in with my and I was finally able to have some influence on the day to day activities. Most kids are moving out at 18, but hey the kid needs my help, and hes my kid! Anyway, it occurred to me finally start asking the right questions about strength training, thats where I found starting strength. I was able to convince my son to start the weight lifting with me based on the starting strength program. "its easy!" I said, "just five reps". It became our new shared lifestyle and we started logging our workout sessions. He couldnt even do a pushup when we started! Five months in and he is throwing over a hundred lbs over head, but here is the greatest news: This week, my son tested his blood pressure, and it was too low for the first time. We had to cut down the medicine for the time and he is weaning off successfully.

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    That is wonderful! What a great story. Keep on keeping on, fellow dad!

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    This is great!

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