Weight: (1st mo: 196-205, 5th mo: 205-210)
Ht: 59

My Fives (after 5 months
Squat: 135-295
Press: 95-155
Bench: 135-255
Deadlift: 135-320

I started the program after not lifting for 15 years.
I strictly stuck to the program for 12 weeks and although I stayed in the gym consistently, I started missing lifts when fatigue caught up with me. My sleep habit dipped a little concurrently and caused problems with recovery. I fell out of the habit of squatting 3 times a week as I approached 300 but Im getting back on track. Missing squats and deadlifts resulted in form degradation and its showing in my slowed squat and deadlift progress. My muscles are plenty strong enough, but Im struggling with coordination and balance to keep form tight.

I have not gained much but IVE RIPPED TWO SHIRTS IN THE SHOULDERS DRIVING HOME FROM WORK AND I FIND MYSELF HAVING TO PEAL MY JEANS AROUND MY CALVES. Even though I havent gained much weight I feel like Ive gotten more muscular while getting a lot stronger.

Overall, I am thankful for the structure and simplicity of the NLP, and Im going to try one last push at it before increasing complexity.

Thanks for the rips Rip!

My shoulders near my rotator cuff are taking more wear than Im content with after press days and I would appreciate if anyone could post a link to any form fixes that might help. I may get in touch with starting strength Memphis and make a trip to get a coaching session.