Just a quick story. My wife and I (both 56) have been doing NLP for four weeks and we've both gotten quite a bit stronger. She's been a fairly sedentary person for a long time (me too, to be fair). She does gardening and lots of walking but little that would maintain or build strength until we started lifting mid-October.

We went on a little vacation this past week and she had a bike accident on a ramp with a guardrail. She was trying to go slowly down the ramp on her bike but slowed too much and fell into the side of the ramp. I saw the whole thing and just knew that our vacation was over. To my surprise, she was able to not fall all the way down but mostly hold up herself and the bike somehow. It's hard to explain but once I helped her back up, she was able to get back on and ride back to the beach after washing off her finger where she got a little divot taken out. Other than that, she had some bruising where the seat caught her leg but nothing serious.

Of course, it's not possible for me to know what would have happened without four weeks of lifting but we're both reasonably confident the outcome would have been much different without her new-found strength.