Back in January of 2022 I was still the short skinny kid. Always passed on for sports in school. Always overlooked by women. I was 120lbs soaking wet. I used to have to run around in the shower to get wet. Thatís how skinny I was. Standing 5í6 at 28 years old

I decided it was time to make a change. So I dug into the blue book to find my answers. And find them I did.

I went from 122lbs to 167lbs body weight in four months. I went from squatting the bar to squatting 250lbs. My deadlift went from 135lbs to 325lbs. My press went from the bar to 135lbs. And finally my bench went from just the bar to benching 165lbs. All in four months.

My chest grew from 33.5 to 37.5. My clothes fit better. I looked great. And I was strong. So my confidence skyrocketed.

Then I listened to the SS podcast when Rip had a doctor on to talk about low testosterone. After listening to the symptoms I decided to have my levels tested. My results came back. 162ng/dl.

The NP at the clinic told me sheíd never seen anyone my age with a level this low. So on TRT I went. My levels are now close to 1300 ng/dl. And the clinical/suicidal depression I carried around for 10 years vanished. I was a new man.

All this to say. The methods of Starting Strength might be unorthodox to the fitness industry. Gaining a whole bunch of weight and performing the same four exercises might not seem glamorous. But there hasnít been a program on this planet Iíve tried thatís done form me what Starting Strength has. And if youíre looking for a drastic improvement to your life. Give the Starting Strength program a chance for six months. Youíll be stronger, youíll look better, and your confidence will skyrocket. Specially if youíre a short, skinny, underweight kid like I was. WAS being the optimal word.