Hello everyone, I may as well start this post off with some context. I'm a 27 year old with mild cerebral palsy. I was very blessed to only have a mild case, and it's a miracle that I can even walk to begin with (I've known some people who have CP as well who are wheelchair bound or where the CP effects an entire side of their body). The CP effects my ability to walk (for example, I can't jog when doing cardio) and work my legs (basically it makes me walk with a limp, and my hamstrings are constantly tightening throughout the year). I've only really gotten serious about strength training in the last year, as for the majority of my 20s, I was in college (and am currently going for my masters degree; the virus of unknown origin also did a number on my fitness oppurtunities).
I purchased Mr. Rip's starting strength book during Christmas and really enjoyed it (I actually got the audible version of the book as well and would read alongside the recording, making highlights and notes along the way). Since then, I have taken a lot of what the book says to heart, but there have been some problems that I have had, not with the program itself, but with the limitations the CP places on my ability to safely execute the various lifts.
For example, I can't seem to handle the empty bar when it comes to the standing overhead press, and have been doing it seated for a couple of weeks with greater success (probably due to the increased stability offered by the back support). When standing, I can get the bar up to lockout, but once I get it up to lockout I tend to lose balance. This ended in a complete disaster recently where the barbell went crashing to the floor while I fell onto my back (fortunately, it was only the empty bar, so it wasn't enough weight to really tweak or injure mr). Understandably though, I was pretty shaken up by the whole experience, and have been doing the aforementioned seated variation since then. The CP also effects my ability to deadlift and squat; the romanian feels more natural given my situation, and I can't quite squat with the barbell yet, so I've been doing bodyweight ones instead to at least give my legs some work (as well as to work on the range of motion; I've been progressive overloading the bodyweight squat by slowing the eccentric down, like going from 3 seconds to 5).
One thing that I never expected to come out of this would be people looking up to me. I've had a few encounters with people who have said that I'm an inspiration for them. Personally, I've never seen myself as such, but the compliments made me feel good and like I'm doing the right thing. Anyway, I just thought that I'd come on here and tell you guys a little bit of my life story.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and God bless