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Thread: People don't get this kind of workout stuff

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    Tennyson certainly had a way with words. And yes, it is better than Eliot's quote. I can't say it better or even as well as Tennyson but I will just say, thank you for the reminder, and happy birthday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesepuff View Post
    I'm not going to say you're wrong... because you're not.
    I didn't even say that Leonidas wasn't afraid... merely that I would not characterize it that way.
    You get to choose how you characterize reality, and, for me, roaring in the face of death, facing certain failure, is heroic.

    Your position is not only more rational (aka less delusional) but appears to be working for you. (so why change?)
    Some people... like myself... need a little extra something. How many people do we know who "know they should do the program"... but don't.
    All I can say is that I no longer "feel afraid", and this has given me the motivation I need.

    I offer an option. Not a judgement. In this matter, I am not so concerned that your beliefs are "right", I am concerned that they are effective.
    Everyone does not need the same thing. Choose the option that works for you.

    No need to worry about bursting my bluster.... The delusion runs strong in me. Some times logic is not enough.
    I liked your post.
    It's a mixed bag. The fear drives me to build a brick house, and to persist month after month. The defiant rage is what I use to get to the top of the ladder with the next load of bricks, like this guy: Hod Carrier Pictures | Getty Images or this (trying to find one that shows up without clicking)
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    Death closes all; but something ere the end,
    Some work of noble note, may yet be done,

    I only read Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade, and I see now my education was sadly lacking having missed this work of art.

    Since it was about Ulysses, I can see why he mentioned Achilles. But then Achilles died young.

    But Beowulf now . . .

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