Low Bar Back Squat Camp in Oakland, CA Wrap Up Low Bar Back Squat Camp in Oakland, CA Wrap Up

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Thread: Low Bar Back Squat Camp in Oakland, CA Wrap Up

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    Default Low Bar Back Squat Camp in Oakland, CA Wrap Up

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    A very cool group of people came to learn about and train the low bar back squat this Sunday, January 23rd at CrossFit Oakland. We had some trainees from the gym as well as a few people from the surrounding area. Almost everyone had a solid grasp of the squat and all that was needed was a little polish here and there. We also proved once again how a properly done low bar back squat done to full depth does not hurt the knees. Great things happen when the crease of the hip goes below the top of the knee. After everyone got to perform their three work sets, we settled in for a discussion of programming and a question and answer session. It was an excellent time and I look forward to hearing how the attendees do in their future training. A friend of mine, Kelly Powers, stopped by to take some pictures, including the one below. I should have more images in another week or two. Thanks to everyone who attended and thanks to Kelly for taking the photos.

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    Despite the fact that it took me a long time, I have some pictures from the squat camp back in January. If you want a feel for what goes on at one of the camps, feel free to peruse the whole photo set at:


    There are 29 photos there. My friend and fellow strength trainee, Kelly Powers, took the shots. She is a commercial photographer in San Francisco and, damn, that woman knows what she is doing behind the camera. For those that want a few samples, enjoy:


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