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    I am fairly late in doing this, but that is sometimes how the cookie crumbles. Michael Wolf, Nick Delgadillo, and I held the first Level II Seminar without Rip at Element CrossFit in Mississauga, ON in early July 2014. While I am not an unbiased source in this regard, things went very well. I thought I would talk a little less than Rip does, but I didn't. We still got out of there good and late each night, just as Rip would want it. There is a lot of material to go over and delivering it coherently takes a while.

    As always, Alex Cibiri, our host, was gracious and accommodating. We had a cool group of people to train. Many were unfamiliar with low bar squatting, but we got everyone appropriately utilizing hip drive on the ascent by the end of it. I encourage everyone who comes to a seminar to read up about the Olympic press and to train it before walking in the door. Learning to use your hips is an important part of the press as we teach it now, so try it yourselves.

    What would a recap post be without a little bit of media? Enjoy. We look forward to returning to Canada.

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    This was a lot of fun with a great group! Thanks to Alex for being an awesome host!


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