The Starting Strength Coaches' Association will be having their annual conference August 2-4 in Wichita Falls. The association is made up of coaches from around the world that hold the Starting Strength Certification. The annual meeting is a chance for the coaches to hang out, compete, break bread, and learn from one another.

Continuing education is a hallmark of the association, so presentations are planned and delivered by subject matter experts. The presentations are relevant to our coaching practice and cover a wide variety of topics from training special populations to how to maximize social media and marketing for their business. And of course, the Science Committee’s presentation is something we all look forward to.

This will be the second year that we hold a Coaches’ USSF meet to kick off the weekend. The last one was a great success and we hope to have even more participation this year as it’s a USSF sanctioned event that can be used to qualify for Nationals.

Participation in the conference is limited to Starting Strength Coaches, interns of SSCs, and significant others attending with SSCs. Tickets are on sale now and we’re looking forward to getting the group together.

Karl Schudt
President, SSCA