Robert Santana, MS, RD, SSC and Will Morris, DPT, SSC are holding our first ever Nutrition & Recovery Camp focused on how to deal with training-related injuries and nutrition strategies for training.

The camp will begin with a discussion of basic anatomy and pathophysiology of common training-related injuries. The presentation will cover the processes by which injuries occur, the basic symptomology of common training-related injuries, a basic neuroscience review on pain processes, and an evidence-based review on treatments, to include programming considerations, and surgical and non-surgical treatments.

Camp Objectives
  • Learn basic scientific concepts of anatomy, pathophysiology of injuries, and basic pain neuroscience
  • Develop programming and training modification strategies to utilize when training in an injured state
  • Participate in a practical component and gain familiarity with exercise variations
  • Learn basic nutritional concepts and theoretical framework
  • Discuss nutritional considerations for optimizing musculoskeletal health
  • Develop practical strategies for managing nutrition both at home and while traveling

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