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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Cooper Mitchell | October 08, 2019

Are most pieces of equipment released by strength equipment companies helpful in the sense that they can get you closer to your fitness goals? I’d say yes. However, are they more effective than using a barbell, plates, squat rack, and tennis shoes? Unlikely.

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by Carl Raghavan, SSC | October 01, 2019

Social-media influencers make money by peddling an image, not by providing knowledge. They insinuate that if you follow them – take their advice, eat their diets, do their workouts – you too will have washboard abs and a suspiciously orange tan. Okay, and what’s wrong with that, you might ask? Why can’t you let these poor people eat their kale in peace? Well, this is why: because there might be more going on behind the scenes than ab curls and protein shakes.

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by Capt Grant Broggi, SSC | September 24, 2019

Every Marine is a rifleman, and it all starts on the ground, inside your boots with proper care of your feet. You must take care of and protect your feet to be an effective Marine. This is no different in barbell training. While you may not be headed for combat in your weightlifting shoes, they are the very place you produce force against the ground.

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by Jordan Burnett | September 17, 2019

[G]roup coaching or private one-on-one coaching. So, which one is better? The answer is: yes. They’re both better. Getting coaching from a Starting Strength Coach is potentially the best thing you could do for your training, regardless of the format. That said, there are some considerations to take into account based on your preferences.

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