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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Mark Rippetoe | June 22, 2021

The YouTube comments are fairly consistently indicative of a broad misunderstanding of what we do on this website and at the Aasgaard Company. I'll take this opportunity to clear up a few things. They can be summarize easily: we are only concerned with your strength.

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by Andrew Lewis, SSC | June 15, 2021

Not everyone can use a 45 lb bar for the press or bench press. These are typically lighter women and heavier, deconditioned people who cannot squat using a 45 lb bar. Additionally, a lifter pressing 50 lb should not be using a 45 lb bar for early warm ups – it's too heavy compared to the work sets.

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by Steve Ross, SSC | May 04, 2021

Deadlifts are hard. Anyone who has pulled a sufficiently heavy weight off the floor can tell you about the physical and mental anguish that goes into a limit set of five. But that’s why we do it: hard things are worth doing.

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