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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Carl Raghavan, SSC | May 30, 2023

When a client asks me if we can focus more on hypertrophy, I think to myself, "But we were already doing that." After all, I personally gained 100lbs of body weight over 11 years as a natural lifter, with a 315 press, 377 bench, 567 squat, 595 deadlift, and 245 power clean, just by eating, sleeping, and lifting heavy 5s while following Rip's advice.  

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by Jim Steel | May 16, 2023

Man, I just came downstairs to the basement where I write because I had an idea about an article and I was all excited. Before that, I was walking in the woods with my Labrador, Rebel, and the idea just came to me. And I came downstairs to the basement all pumped up because I was going to write an article about effort. And then I remembered that the last Starting Strength article had a whole lot to do with effort, and that I have written articles on my website and other websites about effort.

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