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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Robert Santana, MS, RD, SSC | December 04, 2019

When I was 20 years old a friend of mine was concerned about “being fat” because his abs were not visible at a bodyweight of 5’10” 155 lb. My response to him was to gain “mass” (i.e. muscle mass) and he responded, “I have plenty of mass, I just need to lose the fat.” I’ve heard this quite often over the last two decades, and was guilty of saying it myself prior to learning a few things.

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by Jim Steel | November 26, 2019

"I am not surprised. Let's put it this way: I shouldn't be surprised when people fall for silly shit when it comes to strength and conditioning. The problem is that it's simple when training athletes, but everyone wants to make it gimmicky and new so that they can be seen as geniuses when they really don't get it, or when they are afraid, yes, afraid of hard work and being uncomfortable."

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by Robert Santana, MS, RD, SSC | November 13, 2019

One of the most common concerns shared by clients is aesthetics. “Coach, I want to get strong, but I want to lose my belly.” The issue is visible on both the 5’10” 220 lb untrained male and the 5'10” 170 lb untrained male. The common misconception both have is that they need to “go on a cut.”

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