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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Beau Bryant, SSC | March 10, 2016

Starting Strength Coach Beau Bryant takes Dan, a 72 year old new client with no prior strength training experience, through a modified teaching method for The Squat.  In this first training session, Beau teaches Dan how to squat and then makes corrections in real-time as he works through his first three work sets.

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by Nick Delgadillo, SSC | February 25, 2016

Training athletes, especially football players, is a giant pain in the ass.  Three days a week, I have a group of high school kids that come to the gym for training.  They all run a novice program and continue to get stronger week after week, as long as they’re doing what they’re supposed to do.  As we all know, the fact that these kids are pretty big already and ranging in age from 14-18 puts them in absolutely the best possible situation for being able to capitalize on the potential benefits of a simple and hard barbell program…

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by Matt Reynolds, SSC and Mark Rippetoe | February 18, 2016

Since Starting Strength’s first publication, powerlifters have criticized its recommendations. Their chief complaint has been about the way it teaches the lifts.

It’s true that many powerlifters do not squat according to the Starting Strength method. They do not bench the way we bench and our coaches wouldn’t teach the sumo deadlift to 99.9% of our lifters…

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by Karl Schudt, SSC | February 11, 2016

“I don’t need to do squats. I run!” Have you ever heard this? I have. The question: does running give you adequate leg development, so that you can concentrate on your biceps?

No, it doesn’t. In my experience and that of coaches I’ve spoken to, runners are among the weakest trainees we see. I’ve had healthy marathoners who couldn’t squat 45lbs.

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