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| July 22, 2019

Recorded in 2010 during a Starting Strength Coaches Roundtable event, Suggs, Rippetoe, and Wendler answer questions about powerlifting, isometric training, programming for women, and training for the military.

Mark Rippetoe | July 05, 2019

Mark Rippetoe answers questions from Starting Strength fans and introduces a new segment called "Comments from the Haters."

Mark Rippetoe | July 04, 2019

Rip discusses back pain and yoga from a live Q&A at the Starting Strength Dallas Gym grand opening event.

Mark Rippetoe | June 27, 2019

Mark Rippetoe clarifies his position on proper nutrition while Doing the Program.

Mark Rippetoe | June 14, 2019

How was the Starting Strength Method created? Pain every time you lift? "I can't drink milk! What do I do?" These are some of the questions up on this week's Starting Strength Radio Q&A.

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