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Nick Delgadillo, SSC | March 07, 2019

Starting Strength Coach Nick Delgadillo helps a lifter set his low back in the deadlift when "lifting the chest" isn't getting it done.

Grant Broggi, SSC | February 28, 2019

Grant Broggi, Starting Strength Coach and Owner of The Strength Co, explains the purpose and set up for a proper training log. 

Mark Rippetoe | January 17, 2019

Mark Rippetoe describes the inherent nature of shrugging during a power clean and how giving a shrug cue can be helpful in some instances.

Mark Rippetoe | January 14, 2019

Mark Rippetoe coaches attendees at a Starting Strength Seminar during the deadlift platform session.

Nick Delgadillo, SSC and stef bradford, PhD, SSC | January 02, 2019

Stef Bradford and Nick Delgadillo announce the launch of the Starting Strength Coach Development Program including a Coach Prep Course, Coach Development Camps, and apprenticeships. The program is designed help to prepare apprentices, interns, and future SSC candidates to take the practical, oral, and written examinations for the Starting Strength Coach certificate.

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