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Andrew Lewis, SSC | June 09, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Andrew Lewis explains the difference in how the bar position looks to a lifter in a deadlift versus a rack pull. 

Mark Rippetoe | April 14, 2022

Mark Rippetoe describes when the front squat should be added in programming to help with the clean and discusses the power clean vs the squat clean. Recorded at the Starting Strength Olympic Lifting Camp held at Starting Strength Denver in September 2021.

Carl Raghavan, SSC | February 10, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Carl Raghavan explains why you would program tempo squats and how to do them.

Andrew Lewis, SSC | February 03, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Andrew Lewis explains how to use a box if someone doesn't have the strength or balance to squat with a bar.

Victoria Diaz, SSC | January 13, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Victoria Diaz describes why someone would use the close-grip bench press and how to do the movement.

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