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Mark Rippetoe | June 10, 2024

Rip explains the steps to safely unrack and rack a squat, covering everything from gripping the bar evenly and positioning your hands and wrists correctly, to centering the bar on your back. He also explains the correct way to step under the bar, maintain balance, and assume the proper squat stance. These tips will prevent accidents and improve your squatting technique.

Xavier Lima, SSC and Pete Troupos, SSC | May 09, 2024

World’s Okayest Starting Strength Coach Pete Troupos talks about an often overlooked aspect of a heavy press. He and SSC Xavier Lima walk through the finer points at Starting Strength Orlando.

Mark Rippetoe | May 03, 2024

Rip describes the challenges involved in learning and coaching the Olympic lifts and why including them in your strength training program is worthwhile.

Shaun Pang | May 02, 2024

Starting Strength Coach and owner of Hygieia Strength and Conditioning Shaun Pang gives detailed tips on setting up an optimal pulling position on every deadlift rep.

Pete Troupos, SSC | March 28, 2024

World’s Okayest Starting Strength Coach Pete Troupos goes over a common error with bar placement and how to address it.

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