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Ray Gillenwater, SSC and Inna Koppel, SSC | May 30, 2022

Ray Gillenwater and Inna Koppel talk about all the benefits postmenopausal women have from strength training, training pre/post pregnancy, and female culture evolution.

Mark Rippetoe | May 27, 2022

Rip discusses The Novice Effect, a very important article about what happens when a previously untrained person begins to train.

Mark Rippetoe | May 19, 2022

Mark Rippetoe prepares a delicious bleu cheese and wine reduction paired with venison.

Ray Gillenwater, SSC | May 16, 2022

Ray Gillenwater and Owner of Starting Strength Tulsa, David Heon, MD, discuss deadlifting 520 pounds, his weight loss journey, and how strength is the most important thing in life. 

Mark Rippetoe | May 13, 2022

Mark Rippetoe and Dr. Keith Nichols from Tier 1 Health and Wellness discuss testosterone replacement therapy, best practices, and common misconceptions.

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