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Jonathon Sullivan MD, PhD, SSC | March 04, 2019

Jonathon Sullivan, MD, PhD, SSC discusses why and how the bench press meets the requirements of a barbell prescription for the aging adult.

Grant Broggi, SSC | February 28, 2019

Grant Broggi, Starting Strength Coach and Owner of The Strength Co, explains the purpose and set up for a proper training log. 

Grant Broggi, SSC | February 14, 2019

Grant Broggi, Starting Strength Coach and owner of The Strength Co in Costa Mesa and Villa Park, CA , shows you how to do a proper warmup for the basic barbell lifts.

Inna Koppel, SSC | August 22, 2018

Starting Strength Coach Inna Koppel discusses strength training while pregnant with two of her lifters from Woodmere Fitness Club in Long Island, NY.

Michael Wolf, SSC | September 06, 2017

Starting Strength Coach Michael Wolf explains how he runs a successful barbell program based on the Starting Strength Novice Linear Progression at a CrossFit Gym.

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