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Starting Strength Stories | February 27, 2020

Starting Strength Coach Brent Carter and Starting Strength Dallas member Charles discuss the results of his recent DEXA scan and his progress while training at Starting Strength Dallas.

Josh Wells, SSC | February 20, 2020

Starting Strength Houston Head Coach Josh Wells talks with Z about his progress in terms of strength gain and lean body mass gain while training at Starting Strength Houston for the last 12 weeks.

Starting Strength Stories | December 02, 2019

John and Elise Glaze describe their experience training at WFAC, how getting stronger has improved their quality of life, and how they intend to live a long and active life.

Capt Grant Broggi, SSC | October 24, 2019

Starting Strength Coach and Owner of The Strength Co. Grant Broggi trains his parents for the first time, demonstrating some of the modifications made early on for prior injuries and ongoing issues.

Emily Socolinsky, SSC | October 21, 2019

Claire, a member at Starting Strength Affiliate Gym Fivex3 Training in Baltimore, talks about the improvements in her quality of life after starting barbell training with Starting Strength Coach Emily Socolinsky.

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