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Starting Strength Stories | November 23, 2023

Retired librarian Pat Ensor, who is 64, was dealing with chronic back osteoarthritis and significant movement pain. Her son-in-law convinced her to give Starting Strength a shot. After five months of consistent training at SS Katy, she moves without discomfort and has no trouble playing with her granddaughter and throwing her around.

Starting Strength Stories | November 16, 2023

The Taylor family manages two restaurants in Boise and decided to try training together at SS Boise to improve their health. They were skeptical before starting, but overall, they noticed diminishing body aches, improvements in aesthetics, and better performance with jiu-jitsu.

Starting Strength Stories | November 02, 2023

John shares his experience of how his sessions at Starting Strength Austin have enabled him to overcome plateaus in lifting, weight loss, and everyday life.

Starting Strength Stories | October 26, 2023

53-year-old Mike Ditson realized that lifting by himself in the garage was not yielding results due to technique issues and poor programming. He began training at Starting Strength Austin, where he received professional guidance and started making the progress that had not been possible when training alone.

Starting Strength Stories | October 19, 2023

Owner Luke Schroeder and Adam Martin, SSC, share what sets Starting Strength Cincinnati apart from other fitness facilities and its impact on their training and quality of life. Whatever your goals are, strength will not be your limiting factor at a Starting Strength Gym, no matter your starting point. Results guaranteed.

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