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Thread: SS with other sports

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    Hi there,

    I started SS in October, never lifted before but was very active (running, dancing, martial arts).

    My starting weights:
    5'6", 160lbs
    squat - 115lbs
    dl - 155lbs
    press - 45lbs
    bench - 80lbs

    It was really easy for me to make fast gains my first three months, then I had to stop to get a scheduled surgery. My weights when I stopped in January:
    squat - 185lbs
    dl - 250lbs
    press - 80lbs
    bench - 115lbs

    I had started switching off between A days (squat, bench, rows) and B days (deadlift, press, pullups) after my first month of training after a coach told me it was crazy to be adding so much weight and doing both dl & squats 3x/week. Now I've recovered from surgery and am basically back up to what I was lifting before.

    The only thing is, I mostly stopped (really cut back) on my other physical activities while I was starting SS, and now I want to start them up again, while also making steady progress on my lifting. What do you suggest for balancing SS with other sports/activities? Is it better to switch off between lifting days & other activity days or to double up and keep rest days for rest? Better to do SS before or after an activity that requires cardio? Also open to other feedback.

    Thank you

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    If you aren't actually doing the program, then it doesn't matter. You can not do the program before cardio, or not do it after cardio. You can not do it on activity days or not do it between activity days. Anytime you don't want to do the program, feel free to not do it.

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    A 185 pound squat and 250 deadlift 3x a week is not something a healthy man should have trouble with. Maybe drop the deadlift to 1x a week but that squat is not doing anything to anyone.

    If you have other stuff you want to do besides training, just do it whenever. If it interferes with training, decide which one is more important. No one would suggest that playing outdoors with your children or having sex with your wife will "interfere" with the program. This is usually reserved for stupid shit like nursing home rugby. If it's important, do it whenever.

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