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The Aasgaard Company

The Aasgaard Company
3118 Buchanan St
Wichita Falls, TX 76308

Store contact: customerservice@aasgaardco.com

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All our publications, including text and images are copyrighted. To request permission to use our material please contact Mark Rippetoe.

Seminar Hosting

Please contact Mark Rippetoe to make inquiries for the requirements to host a Starting Strength Seminar at your facility.

The Gym

Wichita Falls Athletic Club (WFAC)
3118 Buchanan St
Wichita Falls TX 76308
(940) 696 - 0829

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Training Camps

Self-Sufficient Lifter
The Squat
Press & Bench Press
Deadlift & Power Clean
Squat & Deadlift
Squat, Press, & Deadlift
Rehab, Injury, Pain Management


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