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mark rippetoeMark Rippetoe is the developer of the Starting Strength Method, author of books including the best-selling Starting Strength and many articles. Editor-in-chief of StartingStrength.com

stef bradford is a contributor to The Aasgaard Company books and website as author, editor, and designer. She coordinates publication on StartingStrength.com, oversees the Starting Strength Coach Prep Course, and wrangles the Coaching Directory.

Nick Delgadillo runs operations for The Aasgaard Company and is Head of Corporate Development for Starting Strength Gyms.

Pete Troupos is the Social Media manager for Starting Strength and Starting Strength Gyms. He also coordinates Starting Strength Training Camps and other events around the country.

Carmen Phillips manages Wichita Falls Athletic Club and handles event planning for The Aasgaard Company.  She specializes in applying the Starting Strength Method to the older, more frail members of WFAC.

Bre Hillen assists with Aasgaard Company operations. She’s the lead person for The Aasgaard Company store customer service, logistics, and fulfillment. She also handles administration of Starting Strength Coach Maintenance of Certification.

Rusty Holcomb coaches at WFAC and handles media production for The Aasgaard Company. Rusty is the sole cat person associated with The Aasgaard Company.

Coach Development

The Starting Strength Coach Development program is led by Mark Rippetoe, Brent Carter, stef bradford, and Nick Delgadillo. Mentors Nick D'Agostino, Mia Inman, Ryan O'Connell-Peller, Scott Acosta, Joannes Marvin, Pete Troupos, Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy, Marie Kunkel, Andrew Lewis, and Hayden-William Courtland round out the team.

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