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  • What It Takes

    Mark Rippetoe discusses the Starting Strength Coach certification and how its roots in the Starting Strength Method makes it the most valuable credential in the fitness industry:

    Nick Delgadillo talks about how best to prepare for the evaluations and gives tips for getting started with gaining coaching experience:

    Inna and Rip discuss the qualities an apprentice should have at a Starting Strength Gym and the steps to becoming a Starting Strength Coach:

  • Coach Development Program

    The Starting Strength Coach Development program is designed to help aspiring coaches efficiently prepare to become professional barbell coaches.

    Starting Strength Coaches have demonstrated the ability to apply efficient mechanical analysis based on the Moment Model of Barbell Training and to adequately coach the Starting Strength method.

    Candidates for the Starting Strength Coach credential are evaluated in practical sessions at Starting Strength Seminars. Those who demonstrate ability to coach the movements must also pass oral and written exams which further tests their knowledge, experience, and ability to apply the Model.

    The pass rate has remained low and the time to competence has remained high for those developing skills on their own.

    Our Solution - In Depth Preparation

    The Starting Strength Coach Development program offers three optional components to help prepare you as a coach. These components work best when coaching is mentored directly by a Starting Strength Coach, but can also be used by those learning independently.

    • 1. Coaching Development Events

      The Starting Strength Workshop for Personal Trainers introduces fitness instructors and personal trainers to the fundamentals of the Starting Strength method of barbell strength training, including the theory and practice of strength training, the barbell exercises, and programming. This immersive experience has the potential to profoundly reshape your personal training business, equipping you with an innovative approach to training and a range of new skills to significantly enhance your clients’ results. 

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      The Starting Strength Seminar: The Complete Method teaches the system of barbell training detailed in the books Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training and Practical Programming for Strength Training. It features an in-depth examination of the physiology, biomechanics, and execution of the 5 basic barbell exercises.

      The Starting Strength Seminar also is where coaches opt-in for testing to see if their coaching performance on the platform meets the standard to earn the Starting Strength Coach credential.

      Many aspiring coaches attend a seminar while they're learning coaching skills as a way to get the big picture and to be better prepared to test as a coach on the next round. 

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    • 2. Coach Prep Course

      The Coach Prep Course provides structured coursework to develop skills in all areas – theoretical background, coaching, and lifting. It does this by:

      • Providing a guided course of study that requires working with concepts and answering questions in written form
      • Requiring completion of weekly coaching assignments
      • Requiring candidates to keep a current training log
      • Support and active discussion with Starting Strength Coaches and as well as peers

      The course is open to apprentices, interns at affiliate gyms, and others that are actively working to become professional coaches. About 35% of students enrolled in the course are apprentices at Starting Strength Gyms, the remainder are working toward the SSC independently.

      The CPC is not required, but is highly recommended for all developing coaches.

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    • 3. Apprenticeships

      Apprenticeship programs at Starting Strength Gyms are integrated into Starting Strength Gym operations. Some affiliate gyms also develop apprentices into coaches. Apprentices typically train and coach at a gym as they complete the Coaching Prep Course. 

      Apprenticeships are not required. Positions are limited in number and location, so only a fraction of aspiring coaches are able to take advantage of an opportunity with Starting Strength Gyms. 

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  • Get Help

    Have more questions? Not sure of the best way to start? Wondering how to continue as a trainer while adding a new specialty?

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