Jonathon Sullivan MD, PhD, SSC | August 19, 2018

Avant que vous demandiez : il n’y a actuellement aucune preuve solide que l’entrainement à la force – ou tout autre forme d’exercice ou programme diététique – prolongera considérablement notre durée de vie. Cependant, la majorité des preuves scientifiques, aussi pauvres soient-elle, indique clairement que l’on peut changer la trajectoire de notre déclin.

[French translation of "Barbell Training is Big Medicine"]

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Mark Rippetoe | August 12, 2018

드디어 당신 스스로 변화하고자 결심하고, 스트렝스 프로그램을 시작하기로 했다고 하자. 레그 익스텐션, 트레드밀, 1kg짜리 덤벨등과 머신을 이용한 운동들로 이루어진 헬스장의 프로그램과는 다른, 바벨을 이용한, 가능한 최대 범위로 움직이는 동작들, 실제 스트렝스 향상을 불러일으키도록 점진적으로 드는 무게를 증량시키는 진짜배기 스트렝스 훈련을 말이다.

[Korean translation of Your First Two Weeks of Strength Training: What to Expect]

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Mark Rippetoe | August 10, 2018

So you've finally decided to Be Somebody and start a strength training program. Not a machine-based health spa/corporate gym exercise plan with leg extensions, treadmills, and three-pound dumbbells, but real strength training involving barbells, basic full range of motion movements, and regular incremental increases in load that drive an actual increase in strength.

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Jeremy Wooden | August 08, 2018

In less than a month, I will turn 40. Moments ago, I did something at my local Starting Strength gym that I couldn’t do when I was 18: I squatted 405 pounds for my first ever squat 1RM. I am looking forward to my 40s. I’m looking forward to accomplishing something I’ve never personally witnessed anyone accomplish – becoming stronger at 50 than he was at 40.

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