Robert Novitsky | April 24, 2019

Nearly every community has its myths that tend to go unquestioned, and the fitness world is no stranger to them. Whether it's myths surrounding when to eat for maximum protein synthesis, the endless health fads that claim to solve all your problems, or the various supplements that are supposed to give you that extra edge, the fitness world is littered with misinformation.

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Mark Rippetoe | April 17, 2019

I'll admit that I'm slow to adapt, and this is long overdue. Podcasts are the best way to reach people in 2019, and more people will listen to an author's podcast in a day than will read his book in a year – if it's interesting, informative, and sufficiently abrasive.

I can do all three, so what the hell are we waiting for?

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Mark Rippetoe | April 10, 2019

Dr. Ken Leistner passed away unexpectedly last Saturday morning at his home in Valley Stream, Long Island. For decades Ken was an important contributor to Powerlifting USA, the most important voice of the sport on the planet. Before the internet, PLUSA was our primary source of information about training, competition, and the athletes who comprised the cadre of the strongest men in the world. Ken was an integral part of every powerlifter's education. We were fortunate enough to have him write eight installments for this website, and as a memorial to him we will be running them daily this week. I was lucky enough to edit them as they came in, and it was more fun for me to read Ken's work as the first to see it than you can ever imagine.

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Jim Steel | April 03, 2019

Times have changed in the strength and conditioning world over the years. I reckon that in a word, you could describe the source of the changes as “access.” In the 80s there was not access to as much information as there is now. Of course there was no internet, with the social media superstars and the keyboard warriors hiding behind the computer typing their uninformed opinions about strength training.

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Robert Santana, MS, RD, SSC | March 27, 2019

Most, if not all, strength trainees have been told at some point in their lifting careers that they need to consume protein to get stronger and build muscle mass. In any discussion of nutritional needs for strength training, protein is almost certain to be the first topic. However, much of the information has been misunderstood, and this paper is intended to serve as a resource for understanding the function of protein with regards to training and overall health.

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