Jim Moser | September 15, 2021

If you want to set more personal records in your barbell training program, or if you want to be successful at your next weightlifting contest, this article is for you. Early in your training PRs come every workout. As your body adapts to barbell training and your weights begin to stall, personal records become less and less frequent.  

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Hannah Pralle | September 08, 2021

You know that feeling when you close down a bar, and it’s 2am, and they turn on all the lights?

Some guy with an earpiece starts circulating around and repeating, in a practiced, intrusive monotone, that you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here....

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Daniel Oakes | September 01, 2021

If it's reasonable and progressive to allow “transwomen” to play women's sports and “transmen” to play men's sports, wouldn't it also be reasonable and progressive to drop the sex/gender divide altogether and allow everyone to participate as human beings – outright total freedom among the sexes and genders (sexes and genders that wouldn't even be worth acknowledging anymore)? 

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stef bradford, PhD, SSC | July 21, 2021

Starting Strength accepts articles and videos on strength training and related topics from coaches and lifters. Every week we get a few legitimate submissions for consideration amid a flood of proposals from marketers, scammers, and purveyors of shallow nonsense pieces of the sort repeated endlessly on the internet and in monthly magazines. To improve the ratio, we've clarified and expanded the submission guidelines.

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