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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Daniel Oakes | March 21, 2023

I've been reading a few books on self-defense lately, and it seems like it's all the rage these days to teach people that in order to deal with violence you must first become desensitized to violence – by exposing yourself to violent encounters...

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by Robert Santana, PhD, RD, SSC | March 07, 2023

The debate between single-joint exercise advocates and multi-joint exercise advocates has stood the test of time. In one corner, you have strength coaches, like myself, that spend most of our time teaching lifters to perform compound movements comprised of multiple joint actions. In the other corner, you have bodybuilders, physical therapists, “corrective exercise specialists,” and some spin-off of all the above that promote exercising isolated joint actions.

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by Andrew Lewis, SSC | February 07, 2023

Your deadlift may be failing because of your grip. An obvious indicator is that you can feel the bar slipping out of your hands. However, there are two more subtle indicators to be aware of, because it’s not obvious they’re caused by grip loss: back rounding and an incomplete lockout at the top.  

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