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Starting Strength in the Real World

by Grant Broggi, SSC | August 13, 2019

How can a unit that trains 38 out of 365 days a year be prepared for battle, to fight alongside the active-duty component? I’ll tell you how. While the current general may have just recently laid out his intent for the Marine Reservists that make up the 4th Mar Div, it’s a summary of what the division has been doing for over 70 years. It’s a concise four points that every Marine can remember even if they only put on the uniform 38 days a year. And if these four points are applied to your training, you will have success in the weight room just as the division does on the battlefield.

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by Craig Brooks | August 06, 2019

Three years ago, on May 6, 2016, I attended the Starting Strength Seminar at Westminster Strength and Conditioning.  I wanted to deepen my understanding of the barbell lifts, so I could continue to get stronger as a lifter, and gain more knowledge as a coach. I had started my Novice Linear Progression program...

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by Rori Alter, DPT SSC | July 23, 2019

Limited funds, time constraints, and proximity to high quality coaches are only some of the reasons that a large percentage of the population doesn’t work with a coach in person. The rise of online coaching services has filled the demands of coachless lifters who spin their wheels trying to get to the next level, continually facing injuries or setbacks, or feeling lost when trying to figure out reps, sets, loads, and this little thing called “stress/recovery/adaptation.”

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