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    by Mark A. Chidley, LMHC

    "If physical strength forms the base on top of which the superstructure of all other interrelated aspects of well-being are built, it makes sense that enhancing strength not only makes us feel better about ourselves in the short run, but under the right circumstances promotes overall mental health in the long run."


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    Default Endorphins & Depression

    When I took abnormal psychology in the 1960s, the professor stated the following about depression.

    It has been observed, but not understood that when a person is physically active in their younger years and when they approach middle-age they tend to become depressed.

    Well I understand why now. Strenuous movement produces endorphins. Endorphins increase the sense of well being.

    These compounds fit into the same receptor sites in the body that the opiates do. Thus one could say that exercise produces “dope” for the body. Of course like all drugs one can over indulge by over training.

    I became depressed as I moved into middle age. I was prescribed many different drugs by my psychiatrist. These drugs did not provide satisfaction.

    When I returned to lifting weights, my symptoms disappeared. As long as I do some form of vigorous exercise I am symptom free.

    I applaud your tactics with your patients. I have long thought that exercise should be used in the treatment of addicts and other forms of psychiatric disorders. After all you are giving them a healthy way of feeling good / normal.

    I am 73 years old and am mistaken for being in my 50s. Most of my contemporaries are either dead or decrepit and or practicing poly-pharmacy (use of large number of prescribed drugs)

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    Somewhat related. It is my understanding that dogs require regular physical activity, especially for some breeds. If they don't get that, they start to tear stuff up, become angry, disobedient, etc. In other words, they are not "normal" without exercise. Perhaps to a lesser degree (and for certain populations) this is the case for humans as well. Nearly, everyone feels better when exercising. So maybe it is simply required to be "normal" for a human. And if you consider what the "new norm" (lots of physical/psychological problems), one could argue it is abnormal to not exercise. I am pretty sure that as the human body was being developed through evolution (assuming you believe that), it wasn't designed/adapted to sitting on your ass all day. You are sort of giving nature the middle finger if you don't want to exercise...and nature usually responds accordingly.


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