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    "The most common things look different depending on where you happen to be standing. If you view something especially complex from an unfamiliar location, it may be unrecognizable. I ask you to consider trying to understand better, by looking at things from different perspectives..."

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    Ah the Young. Last week a young guy asked for some help with his DL technique. He was too far from the bar, couldn't set his back and was using his arms to get the bar off the floor. I spent five minutes or so trying to help.

    The thing I became aware of is the vast difference in the perception of speed. This guy was going at it like he was in the boat race to my eyes. I eventually advised him to begin lifting in slow motion in order to get the technique sorted out. His priority was to lift the weight, not to learn the technique to safely perform the movement. We made some progress-his back still wasn't straight, but at least he didn't look like a scared cat and the bar was going up and down mid foot. Older lifters are the opposite, they want to master the technique perfectly and lifting the weight comes second-indeed older novices need encouragement to put some weight on the bar.

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