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    I posted this story on the SS Facebook page today and some members convinced me to share here.

    I am four weeks in to a case of Bells Palsy, which is basically a form of nerve damage resulting in temporary facial paralysis on one side of the face. At the time of diagnosis, I had full paralysis - worst case scenario for this condition - couldn't even blink one eye. Recovery involves the nerve repairing itself which can take 2 weeks to one year depending on severity and other factors. I am now very far along in recovery, much faster than anticipated by two doctors I dealt with.

    This morning, a nurse was examining me at a local clinic for strep throat and took notice of my rate of recovery from the Bells Palsy in four weeks. I explained that I continued to train with weights (interested in her reaction) with the assumption that the growth and recovery (both neuro and physical) from heavy training would also help with the recovery from my nerve damage -system as a whole, high tide floats all ships sort of thing.

    I was amazed when she replied that she thought I was right but my hypothesis would only be true if I was lifting really heavy and squatting and deadlifting. She went on to explain some neurology stuff that was above my pay grade, and told me how she is a lifter and Oly lifter. She also told me to eat a lot of protein today and get back to training tomorrow, it will help my strep feel better.

    I thought Rip would appreciate this story. I really think training helped with recovery, even if it didn't at least it helped mentally.

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    An excellent clinic. Hang on to that nurse.

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    Another reason I wish Iíd known about this whole Starting Strength thing earlier in life. I had a case of Bellís Palsy about 9 years ago on the left side. Took a round of steroids and anti-biotics and got better pretty quick, but apparently Iím one of the select few who never recovers 100%. I know a few people that have had it and theyíve all recovered fully with no remaining effects. My mouth still doesnít function exactly right on the left side. I look pretty ridiculous when I laugh or try to smile and if I try to give that wide-eyed surprise expression, my left eyebrow doesnít raise as high and my eye doesnít open as wide as my right one does*.

    Anyway, sounds like youíre coming along good. Iím not really surprised that the heavy lifting is having some affect. Even now after hitting heavy squats and/or deadlifts, the left side of my face will get this cramping sensation. Not necessarily painful, just sort of feels like my face is drawing really hard on the left side. Typically happens when Iím showering after leaving the gym.

    *On another somewhat related note. I have used this experience as a demonstration a couple of times when somebody comes off with the infuriating silly bullshit about their glutes, or calves, or anything else ďnot firingĒ. Folks, your muscles will ALWAYS fire unless there is some actual neurological damage or other issue.


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