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Thread: Nutrition while rehabbing

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    Hello, I am rehabbing a pec tendon strain and a groin issue and was wondering if I should be trying to maintain my body weight right now or be in a calorie surplus? I am doing a two week rehab that I saw on starting strength and Im in week two and am going to continue building my strength in a linear progression. Until my weights get back up to what they were at I was just hoping for some input on how much I should be eating. Im 511 and 195 pounds. These were my lifts when I was injured a couple weeks ago all for 3 sets of 5 reps except for the deadlift which was one set of 5 reps and the clean which is 5 sets of 3 reps.

    Deadlift 380
    Squat 355
    Bench 255
    Press 165
    Clean 145

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    I'd cut your carbs back 25% and keep protein high. As it heals and things get heavier then resume the higher calorie level.

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